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by Guido Socher (homepage)

About the author:

Guido really likes it when a computer is tailored to his needs and looks like he wants it. That's why he is using Linux.


LF Tip: essential firefox extensions



This is a small tip. From now on LinuxFocus will have at least one new tip every month. If you have some ideas for a new tip then send them to guido("at" sign)linuxfocus.org

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Mozilla Firefox is definitely ready for the "world wide web". Some websites offer useful content have however some rather annoying and hostile advertisements. Here are two extensions that I use when I go surfing in the "world wild web".


Flashblock removes all the flash plugins and replaces them by a little round button. No more flickering flash images! If you still want to see the flash animation then just click on the little button and it will start.




Nuke Anything can remove any html object. All you have to do is right click on the object, which may even be a text paragraph and select "remove object". Very useful to remove images and any type of advertisement. It can also be use to "clean up" a page before printing it.



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