Scientific Calculator with history function

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history log:

Available operators:
+ - * / % **
ln() e() lg() pow(,) sqrt()
sin() cos() tan() asin()
acos() atan() fact()
Constants: pi
Variables: r
Example: (3 + 5) * 2.3
Example: pow(2,3) + 2

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Usage: Type your equation into the green/yellow box and hit enter to calculate the result or press the calculate button. You can hover with the mouse cursor over the functions to get an explantion as to what they do. You can use the result of the previous calculation in the next one by refering to it via the variable "r". Example: First you calculate 32/16 this results in 2 now you can enter sqrt(r) to calculate sqrt(2).

© Guido Socher, version 2018-05-18
History: 2012-05-02 -- first version, 2018-04-13 -- added log function, 2018-05-18 -- code review, 2018-05-22 -- inline icon