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Calculate a Luhn check digit

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Luhn check digits in credit-card numbers

The Luhn algorithm is not used to protect against fake card numbers. The last digit on your credit card number is just there to be able to quickly identify an accidental typo.

Luhn check digits in IMEI numbers

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a hardware identifier for a mobile phone. They are like serial numbers but the left most digits contain information about the type of mobile phone. You can get the IMEI of your phone by typing *#06# "call" on your mobile phone. This will display the full 15 digit IMEI which includes a check digit in the right most position. Within the network the IMEI may be transmitted as IMEI, or IMEI with the check digit set to zero or as IMEISV.
T=Type Allocation Code = phone model and manufacturer identifier, first 8 digits of the IMEI
N=serial number
D=check digit
S=mobile phone software version number

To calculate a valid IMEI with check digit from either a IMEI or a IMEISV one would use the first 14 digits and enter it in the above "Calculate a Luhn check digit" form.


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