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Guido's LinuxFocus developer page

LinuxFocus broken links check
lftransstatus: LinuxFocus issue index formatter
lfchkfiles: Compare files on server with your files
lfupdate: LinuxFocus remote update program
lfsendpatch: Command line interface to lfupdate
lfparser: LinuxFocus article file format
lfthemes: LinuxFocus index generator
lfpagecomposer: LinuxFocus main page generator
getticket -- article number allocation
lfarch -- LinuxFocus archive generation interface
lfpoll: opinion polls from you web-page
My linux home page
lfmainindex: A program to coordinate the article translation

check for broken links on LinuxFocus

As an editor of LinuxFocus you should check out these lists of broken links and fix them. The format of the pages is such that you can load them into e.g vim or emacs and "click" on the lines to get to the concerned place in the web page. To do this you need a tree of the webpages for your language section that corresponds exactly to the one on You can download such a tree by using e.g wget.

The broken link files have the same format at gcc compile errors. To load the file Deutsch.broken.txt into emacs you use M-x compile and as compile command you specifiy cat Deutsch.broken.txt. To load the file into vim you use the QuickFix mode with :cf Deutsch.broken.txt.

click here to download broken link file by language section


lftransstatus is a program to modify the index page of an issue and indicate which articles are translated and which are not. The program is automatically executed when files are uploaded to the server. However your have to have at the beginning of the file the html comment <!-- lftransstatus=1 --> otherwise the file will not be touched.
The program searches in the html code for a pattern that looks as follows:
<img src="../../common/images/frame_..." ....> <a href="articleXXX.shtml">
If it finds this pattern then it will edit it and change the image and the link. For articles that are translated (file is there and bigger than 2K) it will create the link to that article otherwise it will link to the English pages.

download lftransstatus-0.12.tar.gz


The idea behind the lfchkfiles program is that you have a directory tree on your local disk that looks like the one on This tree contains some files and you would like to know what the difference is compared to the lfchkfiles is a perl script with build-in help.



lfupdate is a cgi program to inspect and update the web-pages of LinuxFocus. You need password access in order to use the page.

go to lfupdate

There are a number of browsers that do not implement all cgi actions correctly. Please let me know if you find such a browser.
MSIE 4.01, Windows NT: the post method is broken

Here is a description of how to use the inspection function of the lfupdate page


lfsendpatch is a command line interface to lfupdate. It is written in Perl.

download lfsendpatch-0.9.gz

lfparser and the LinuxFocus article file format

LinuxFocus uses a specialy structured html format for its articles. You need to use this format when you write an articles or during translation of the articles.

go to the lfparser page to learn more about the LinuxFocus html format

lfthemes a LinuxFocus index genertor

This is a program to generate subject and issue index from a plain text list with the names of the artilces.

lfthemes is a perl-script, it can be internationalized to generate subject and issue indices for a number of languages.

lfthemes is ready to use and you can contribute to it by translating this file (lfthemes_templates.txt) and sending it to Guido.

Lfthems reads database files from linuxfocus DB system. You can see the result at All of this can of course be done for any language.

You can as well run it directly on the server: lfthemes on server

lfpagecomposer the LinuxFocus macro expander

lfpagecomposer takes a html file as argument and expands <!-- macro insert body --> and <!-- macro insert boxes --> in some smart way. It is used to generate the English/ page from a number of simple *box.html and *body.html files.

Download lfpagecomposer-0.5.tar.gz

Number allocation for new articles with "getticket"

As an editor you can allocate a new article number already in advance. This gives you to possibility to name the article correctly right from the start:

Linuxfocus archive generation

As an editor you can generate Archives for the different issues directly on the server:

lfpoll: opinion polls over the web

lfpoll is a cgi script for html based opinion polls. It is written in perl. Please consult the README file for installation instructions.

Download lfpoll-0.7.tar.gz

Guido's Linux home page

My Linux home page has links to a number of programs that I developed. Click here to get to the page

lfmainindex article translation coordination software

lfmainindex is perl script to generate and maintain a web page with all articles of a given language section. The web page shows all articles published so far indicating which ones are translated and which are not. That way people interested on translating can know what is done and what is not done.

Note: This program still works but is not really maintained anymore.

Download lfmainindex software and examples:

Look at an example page for the German section

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