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Welcome to the LinuxFocus November/December 2002 issue

[LF is 5 years]
Yes, LinuxFocus is 5 years old! It started in November 1997 when Miguel put the first issue together with some friends. Since then it has developed into a really big knowledge base with a lot of different articles. From the original team only John Perr is still with us. In 1997 I was still a Linux newbie and had Slackware running for just over one year. When I discovered the magazine at the beginning of 1998 I was fascinated by the idea of a free international magazine. The quality of the articles was good and it was an "honest" magazine. Quite in contrast to many commercial magazines full of advertisements and product reviews financed by the manufactures. I still remember that I couldn't wait for the next issue to come out. When it was there I read the articles until late in the night. And I started to write articles myself. Of course it was a shock to see that the original LinuxFocus team wanted to give up after the January 1999 issue and so I became editor in chief... Over the years the site changed from editing every article manually to a more manageable system that separates content and layout. The layout is generated by scripts.

LinuxFocus continued with a team of new and old people but it kept its original spirit until today.

Happy Birthday!

-- Guido

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The LinuxFocus Tip

How to reduce the size of compiled files? A compiled file still contains a lot of symbol information. This symbol information can be thought of as symbolic references. During normal execution this information is not needed and can be removed. This reduces the size and accelerates start-up because less data needs to be read from disk. All you need to do is run
strip /the/compiled/binary
Here is an example:

/usr/bin# ls -l kmail
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2363005 Apr 17 17:04 kmail
/usr/bin# strip kmail
/usr/bin# ls -l kmail
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2004492 Sep 1 14:27 kmail

The size is reduced by 358513 bytes!

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