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LinuxFocus: January 1998

Learn How to Program 3D Graphics

This issue of LinuxFocus brings to you the first articles in a series that explores the 3D programming possibilities of Linux. From libraries intallation to hardware support and various API interfaces!


Coming in the future to your friendly Screen:

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LinuxFocus Staff

Project Coordinator/English Editor: Miguel Angel Sepulveda (sepulveda[at]linuxfocus.org)
Spanish Editor: Ismael Ripoll (iripoll[at]disca.upv.es)
Swedish Editor: Stefan Ottosson (ottosson[at]canit.se)
French Editor: John Perr (jperro[at]star1.change-espace.fr)
Turkish Editor: Emre Demiralp (emre[at]kardelen.fe.itu.edu.tr)
Italian Editor: Antonio Esposito (antonio.esposito[at]star1.change-espace.fr) and Nicola Monticchiari
Graphics & Web Gurus: Sepulveda's (Juan, Esperanza, Miguel Angel), Victor Jalencas.
Writers: Phil Ross, David Guerrero, Jose Quesada, Jose M Laveda, Manuel Trujillo, Luis Colorado, Manuel Soriano, Ismael Ripoll, Emiliano A Lesendre, Omar A Armas.
Translations/Proofs: Hugo Lastras, Jorge G Villalonga, David Lynes, Emre Demiralp, Daniel Robbins and all of the above.
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